Joining Oxford Sailing Club


Thank you for your interest in joining Oxford Sailing Club.

The 2018/2019 Season is shaping up to be a great time to join our the club. As well as our strong dinghy racing fleet and established windsurfer group, OSC are increasing the number of activities that are aimed at the new and novice sailor both adults and youth.

OSC offers different types of membership subscriptions ranging from Family to Social Memberships with discounts for young people, OAPs and regular safety boat drivers, please see details below. If you have any query relating to this then do contact the membership team but if you are happy to proceed with your application then read on. 

Our online membership system provider, WebCollect, holds all of your personal details securely for the Club: you can read more about that here. All data we collect or we ask to be collected on our behalf is processed in accordance with the OSC data protection policy that can be found here


We are reviewing our payment methods and at the moment you can pay by online by bank transfer or direct debit (our preferred method) as a one off payment or monthly. You can send a cheque and if you come to the office when it is openby credit/debit card and if you insist, cash. There are different charges for different payment types other than DD or BACS.

First Step
Clicking on the button below takes you to the WebCollect home page where you click on the Browse Subscriptions button. Then you are guided to the choice of membership subscription for you to add to your “basket”. Note the tabs are separate for monthly or annual payment. When you proceed through checkout, completing membership and subscription forms along the way, we ask you to agree to our terms and make a few declarations. At the checkout, instead of being asked to provide payment details, you will submit an application order that goes to the Membership Team. 

The Membership Team will check your membership application is correct. Once complete you will be emailed a link to complete the order by making payment. We would like to contact you to check that we can meet your expectations at the club but there is no approval process to go through.

If the whole process is too arduous, please just drop an email to the membership team and we'll help you sort the whole process out.

On receiving your payment you will be sent a membership pack containing an acceptance letter, a Club Handbook, a Members Guidebook, and a membership card. 

That's all there is to it! Thank you for your cooperation and we look forward to seeing at the club. 

Oxford Sailing Club Ltd.

Registered in England 04083968

A company limited by guarantee