Oxford Sailing Centre Newsletter October 2018

October 8, 2018

October Half Term Training


Looking to make the most of your time on the water this year? Our half term courses mark the end of a great 2018 here at Farmoor. To finish we are offering the selection of courses for juniors, hopefully you will find something for the little one's to enjoy!


RYA Stage 2 Dinghy - Our stage 2 course will complete your introduction to the sport in easy stages. By the end of this course, you will have a range of sailing skills and background knowledge, and be well on your way to being a confident small boat sailor.


RYA Stage 3 & 4 Dinghy - Having completed stage 3 you will be able to rig and launch your boat and can regard yourself as a sailor, not a beginner. Stage 4 will focus on the same skills but with more emphasis on sailing double handed boats whilst solving a variety of problems afloat.


RYA Dinghy Race Week - This course is designed to give the confidence, skills and knowledge to take part in racing in good conditions. Involving the sailor in a range of enjoyable exercises designed to build confidence and to improve skills through practice, it will give greater awareness of the key principles of starting, boat handling, boat speed, strategy and tactics.

RYA Stage 2 & 3 Windsurf - Stage 2 focuses on the knowledge and practical skills needed to get you sailing around, tacking and gybing, both towards and away from the wind. Progressing to Stage 3 it's time to hook in and hang on! Your instructor will help you to set up your board and rig better, enhance your stance and look at basic harnessing techniques. 

New for this year, our partner organisation, Oxford Sailing Club is offering discounted Adult membership for the year with our sailing and windsurfing courses and FREE membership for children. The adult rate is £16 a month which includes all boat rental, free access to Novice and Casual Racing, as well as free access to casual sailing Saturdays; contact www.oxfordsailing.club, 01865 863201 or email office@oxfordsailingclub.com for more details.

Phrase Of The Month


"Pipe down" -  A request to be quiet.
On sailing ships signals were given to the crew by sounding the boatswain's (bo'sun's) pipe. One such was 'piping down the hammocks' which was the signal to go below decks and retire for the night. When an officer wanted a sailor to be dismissed below he would have him 'piped down'. This usage is recorded in Royal Navy workbooks from the 18th century; for example, Gillespie's Advice to Commanders & Officers, 1798:
"At four o'clock, P.M. the hammocks should regularly be piped down."
There's no unequivocal link between this naval practice and the 'be quiet' meaning. It could well have derived from the fact that, if there was a disturbance onboard ship, officers could quell it by sending the crew below decks, that is, by piping them down. This notion is supported by records of ship's crew's being told to 'pipe down' rather than signalled to by the use of an actual pipe; for example, this report from The Gettysburg Star And Banner, April 1850:
'I don't care what happens to me now!' wept Peter, going among the crew, with blood-shot eyes, as he put on his shirt. 'I have been flogged once, and they may do it again, if they will. 'Let them look out for me now'. 'Pipe down!' cried the Captain, and the crew slowly dispersed
For more details check out www.oxfordsailtraining.org.uk

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