Eight OSC Zoomers selected for RYA Zone Squad

May 20, 2019

This weekend saw Oxford Sailing Club play host to the last of the current series of RYA Zone Squad training sessions. No fewer than eight members of the Squad had been selected from Oxford Zoomers, which was a great achievement.


Harry, Lisa & Heather had to balance their attendance with some all-important exam revision, and Patrick was unfortunately unable to join us this weekend. However, a great time was had by everyone who was there.


The winds were very light, so opportunity to try out everything they’ve learned over the Winter was limited - but there was plenty of time on the water putting their light wind techniques into practice. They had great fun swapping rigs - trying out both larger and much smaller sails than they are currently used to. A particular highlight was watching Phoebe determinedly uphauling a 7.8 (cheered on by Millie) - the look of delight on her face when she did it, and then wondering what to do next, with the boom so high above her...!


Another big highlight was seeing the great camaraderie and friendship that’s been built up. Not just between the Zoomers, but throughout the full Squad, regardless of the club they belong to.