1st Interclub for Oxford Zoomers and Portsmouth Planers.

June 3, 2019

 A fantastic 1st Interclub for Oxford Zoomers and Portsmouth Planers at Farmoor yesterday. Sunshine and a good breeze meant that we had 6 closely fought races for each fleet and a skills challenge. Many of the Zoomers were racing for the 1st time on a larger sail size so it was great to see everyone coping well, especially as the wind was shifty and a bit variable.

The battle for the team trophy could not have been closer. Officially the top 6 scores from each team are added together to give a result. This was a draw at 21 points each. In a bid to see who should take the trophy home we recalculated using the top 4, 5 and 7 sailors from each team. Incredibly, at each count back the scores were still identical so we settled on a draw and a good day on the water for everyone. 

Many thanks to Lewis May for his excellent race officer skills😁